The powerful and reliable backing
Details makes precision

The powerful and reliable backing. Details makes precision.

Team Work

Production – demand sales chain system : One-step production .
We provide one direction costumed machines,
with our various specialties overwhelming conduct your request, manufacture the highest standard and the best quality for you.

Team Work

Automatic film processing – One step above The major advantage of automatic machine processing versus manual processing is less produce time required.
Time and Temperature are automatically controlled,
less equipment, less space, and less unnecessary cost.

Research and Development

Hardcore value- One goal target.
We emphasize on innovate and introduce new products and services.
In effort to lead and improved type of your business.

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About Us

Dazhan Automation is located in Tainan, Taiwan. From custom equipment manufacturing, production line planning, and video visualization, we serve customers from traditional industries to technology industries.
From machine design, machine assembly, electric control and power distribution, software programming, equipment calibration, testing machines, delivery to after-sales service, all are done by the elite of all departments of Dazhan Automation.


ROBOT Application

Control System


We specialize in automated custom equipment, thinking about each link and handling each detail, keeping the mindset of solving problems for enterprises to face, all just to complete a dedicated to your equipment.

Automated assembly machine for parts and components

Example: screws, fasteners, hardware, door locks, electronic connectors, reflectors, home appliances


robot application

Example: Moving, disassembly and transportation, parts disassembly and assembly


AOI machine、Sorting Machine

Example: Screws, fasteners, hardware, finished products, batteries (poles), electronic partsz


Control System

Control the motor to run and stop. Control 2 hydraulic solenoid valves. Motor overload protection. Low oil warning.

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